Дрогобицький фаховий коледж нафти і газу


Drohobych Professional College of Oil and Gas

57 Hrushewskoho st, Drohobych, 
Lviv region, Ukraine, 82100 
+380 324 43-89-69 
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
skype: dkng_drohobych 

The future belongs to you!

State Higher Educational Institution «DROHOBYCH OIL AND GAS COLLEGE»

We have more than 25 thousand highly qualified specialists for 70 years.

The basis of the material resources of the college is:

  • modern computer classes with Internet access; 
  • library, with the necessary literature and computer equipment;
  • dormitory next to the academic building; 
  • stadium, sports and fitness gyms; 
  • laboratories and a metal workshop, mechanical and electro mounting workshop; 
  • training ground of drilling and oilfield equipment; 
  • drilling back in unit; 
  • buses for excursions and practical training of students; 
  • students` café and buffet in the building of college.

Our students are initiative young people who want to express and improve themselves and create a bright world around!

Our graduates:

  • work by profession; 
  • continue their studies at leading universities of Ukraine and abroad; 
  • hold leading posts at the enterprises of oil and gas industry in Ukrainian and foreign companies.


Drohobych oil and gas college trains specialists in such specialities:

Degree of higher education Bachelor`s degree:

  • Oil and gas engineeringand technology (Oil and gas pipelines and storage tanks)

Educational qualification Associate Degree:

  • Earth sciences (Prospecting of oil and gas fields)
  • Geodesy and land management (Land use planning)
  • Mining (Borehole drilling)
  • Oil and gas engineeringand technology (Operation of oil and gas boreholes)
  • Oil and gas engineeringand technology (Operation of oil and gas pipelines and storage tanks)
  • Oil and gas engineeringand technology (Maintenance and repair of oil and gas field equipment)
  • Chemical technology and engmeenng (Oil and gas refining)
  • Chemistry (Analytical quality control of chemical compounds)
  • Automation and computer-integrated technology (Mounting and operating of automatic means and systems of technological production)
  • Electrical energetics, electrical engineering and electromechanics (power supply)
  • Power machinery (Assembling and maintenance of refrigeration-compressor units and machines)
  • Metrology and information- measuring technology (Electrical and heat and technic measuring)
  • Motor vehicle transport (Maintenance and repair of  cars and engines)
  • Economics (Economics of enterprise)
  • Finances, banking and insurance (Assessment activities)
  • Management (Organization of production)