Дрогобицький коледж нафти і газу



57 Hrushewskoho st, Drohobych, 
Lviv region, Ukraine, 82100 
+380 324 43-89-69 
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skype: dkng_drohobych 







Babiak Myron Myhaylowych

Ph.D. of technical sciences., Assoc.Prof.

tel. (03244) 3-89-69







     Deputy Director of Education Activity.

Bolonnyi Vasyl Tarasowych

     Ph.D. of technical sciences, Assoc.Prof.

    teacher of the highest rank

tel. (03244) 2-36-41






Deputy director of educational work and liberal education

Pavluk Petro Stepanowych

Teacher of the highest rank

tel. (03244) 2-34-41








Deputy director of educational and production processes

Hlubysh Ivan Ivanovych 

Teacher of the highest rank

tel. (03244) 2-34-41 








Deputy director of administrative and economic work

Lepak Yurii Zynoviiovych

tel. (03244) 2-24-46 








Head of drilling department

Andybur Andriy Petrowych 

Teacher of the highest rank

tel. (03244) 2-32-80








Head of oil and gas engineering and technology department

Yatsiv Taras Volodymyrovych 

Teacher of the II rank

tel. (03244) 2-01-31 







Head of technology, automatisation and economics department

Pawliuk Halyna Myronivna

Teacher of the highest rank, methodologist

tel. (03244) 2-01-31










Head of natural sciences, motor transport and electrical engineering department

Zinkevych Vasyl Ivanovych

Candidate of Agricultural Science, Assoc.Prof.

tel. (03244) 2-01-31