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Co-operation with polish educational institutions


Within the framework of cooperation between the Beshchad (Carpathian) European forum and Polish-Ukrainian council of youth exchange the appointments between students delegations of Poland and Drohobych college of oil and gas were held.


During 29 September - 1 October the meeting of Ukrainian students and their coevals from the united art and technical Lesko schools took place in Poland.The principal mgr Grzegorz Brajewski welcomed the young people. After the meeting students visited historical and cultural places of Lesko and Sanok, the art gallery and the museum of national architecture.

On 14-16th October 2017 the group of students and teachers of united art and technical Lesko schools visited Drohobych college of oil and gas.

In the educational institution students were met by the Deputy Director of Education Activity Bolonnyi V. T. The youth learnt about the history and modern physical infrastructure of the college.

In Ukraine polish students went on cultural and historical excursions to Drohobych, Boryslav, Truskavets and Lviv.

We hope such co-operation will lead to a successful and fruitful future.


Author: Malyk V. Y.

Published: 24 October 2017,