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How We Help Financial Advisors Win in the Digital World

by The Seven Team

It’s no secret that the last 16 months has changed how we do business in a big way. But it’s also changed how investors manage their financial picture.

Investor participation in the market in the last 5-months was more than in the last 12 years combined1, and investors who want financial advice are more likely to start online.

Investors are turning to advisors in a big way, and they expect advisors to meet them where they are – online.

  • 98% of investors said a financial advisor’s website was important to them2
  • 42% of investors said they started the process of finding an advisor with an online search2
  • 37% of investors said they were more likely to choose an advisor who is active on social media2

Between market participation and the way investors interact with advisors – the need for advisors to have an effective digital presence is more important than ever before.

But the problem is that the majority of Financial Advisors face one of two marketing problems: They either rely solely on referrals or are marketing with no real direction.

This leads to advisors jumping from platform to platform, performing random acts of marketing, wasting money and time, and often quitting on marketing before they can see an impact.

The current solutions in the market don’t fill the need. They are either too expensive (agencies) or don’t provide financial advisors with the guidance they need to execute marketing properly (traditional fintech).

That’s where we come in. We launched Seven to bring together the best of two worlds into a single platform.


Seven Platform

How We Work With Advisors

Phase 1: We Strategize With You

Whether you have a specific goal or are building your marketing efforts from the ground up, we start with a discovery session that helps define your audience persona, marketing tactics, marketing channels. We then create a marketing roadmap tailored to you.

Phase 2: We Arm You With the Content & Tools

Seven Group Financial Advisor Marketing Platform

We provide you with the content and marketing tools you need to execute on your marketing, including exclusive FINRA-reviewed content, ready-to-send email automation, AI powered action plans, custom training modules, sales templates, and on-going monthly consulting.

This includes:

Ready-To-Go Content

  • Out-of-box content allows you to scale your efforts, leveraging white labeled pieces across core topics, including market commentary, retirement planning, estate planning college planning, business planning and investment portfolios.

Automated Campaigns

  • Through our platform, you can upload lead lists, schedule and deploy email campaigns on your time, and track campaign performance to drive deeper conversations with prospects.

Tech-Powered Advice 

  • Our learning hub & automated to-do lists include everything from how to setup a LinkedIn page, to deploying an email campaign, to identifying the right metrics to measure your success. The playbooks help advisors realize their potential as a marketer because everyone is a marketer.

Sales Presentations & Templates

  • Your marketing is only as good as the conversations you have once someone becomes a qualified prospect. We provide you with email templates, webinar presentations, and discussion guides to have a better conversation with each investor that comes through the door.

Phase 3: We Guide You Through it All

Through on-demand coaching sessions, automated to do lists, and monthly training — we keep you on track with your marketing, helping you organize and operationalize your marketing efforts as you gain momentum and grow your practice.

The Bottom Line

You need to wear 17 different hats as an advisor and marketing can be time consuming and complex. We think we’ve got it solved. Reach out to our team to learn more: https://calendly.com/seven-group/30min



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